Create the ultimate sleep experience with our Plush Comfort series combining our premium memory foam and adjustable air technology with a Flex-Head® mattress. The Flex-Head® mattress is only split at the head of the bed allowing for individual control for raising and lowering the head without disturbing your partner when using with an adjustable base. The best part is when both sides are flat, it sleeps like a single surface bed and preserves that all-important “Cuddle Zone™”.

The Flex-Head® mattress gives you the best of both worlds – the comfort of a single sleep surface with the flexibility to enjoy individual adjustability for raising and lowering the head on each side. Flex-Head® beds are available in Queen, King, and California King models, and our Plush Comfort beds make for a superior feeling mattress with unique comfort and support that you can only get with an Instant Comfort® air-adjustable number bed.  If you purchase a Flex-Head® bed, you will need to buy split head sheets available from Instant Comfort®.

Plush Flex-Head® Available in These Models

Plush Comfort S7 Plush Comfort S8 Plush Comfort S9

The Ultra-Plush Comfort series with its premium reversible cover, ultra comfortable gel-infused viscoelastic, and convoluted foam layers combine with air chamber number bed technology to create a bed we all dream about. The Flex-Head® mattress with an adjustable base offers the ultimate sleep experience where only the top half of the mattress is split. You can raise and lower the head of the bed to different levels on each side at the same time but with the advantage of having a single sleep surface.   Imagine all that plush comfort with adjustable technology and dual head adjustment flexibility but on a single sleep surface that preserves the Cuddle Zone™, so you can enjoy those intimate moments.

The fully adjustable Flex-Head® bed pairs with an adjustable base and together represents one of the most recent advances in sleep options. Flex-Head® beds are available in Queen, King, and California King models and our Ultra-Plush Comfort beds offer a premium sleep experience unlike any other mattress on the market today. Indulge in the Instant Comfort® number bed technology on the innovative Flex-Head® mattress.

Ultra-Plush Flex-Head® Available in These Models

Ultra-Plush Comfort Q5


Ultra-Plush Comfort Q7


Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8


Ultra-Plush Comfort Q9


The Flex-Head® Power Base

The Instant Comfort® Flex-Head® power bases features style and technology.  It’s rich charcoal gray upholstery, ultra-quiet massage, preset and programmable positions, and unlimited adjustability make it the perfect addition to your number bed to maximize comfort.  The best part about the Flex-Head® adjustable base is that you can sit up in bed and enjoy reading a book while your partner is laid back sound asleep but still enjoy a sleep surface that maintains Cuddle Zone™.

Power Bases

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We believe our customers deserve the latest technology, high quality components, and expert construction. The Instant Comfort® bed offers an experience consumers love and products that stand the test of time with more than 40 years of mattress manufacturing excellence.

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