It’s Instant Comfort® For a Reason

It Takes More Than 40 years of innovation

To Achieve Instant Comfort®

Instant Comfort® beds are designed and manufactured by American National Manufacturing, a pioneer in air-adjustable number beds.  We have been making high-quality mattresses and innovative comfort technology for more than 40 years and hold various patents for our bed designs and pump systems. Every Instant Comfort® bed is crafted with industry-leading comfort components. Our attention to detail extends to every stitch of our bedding products.  A combination of handcrafted excellence, engineering prowess, and exceptional number bed technology ensures every Instant Comfort® bed meets rigorous quality control standards.

We provide a limited 25-year warranty with 100% coverage to repair or replace any components in the first three years of ownership.  We are proud of our mattress making heritage and committed to bringing individual, adjustable comfort to millions across America and around the world.

You’ll love our Instant Comfort® number beds no matter who you are and no matter what you do in bed. We have the perfect beds for early risers, binge watchers, cuddlers, passionate souls, bookworms, lazy loungers, hopeless romantics, workaholics, and any other type of you! Thanks for sleeping with Instant Comfort®.

Everyone Deserves Instant Comfort®

Replaceable and Reversible Top-Panel Mattress Cover

Instant Comfort® beds feature a unique patented zippered cover. Easy to clean and reversible to preserve the life of your mattress.

Dual-Adjustability for Individual Comfort

Choose from 45 individual settings for each side and enjoy all the comfort you might find in every other mattress sold today.

Medically Recognized
Pressure Scale

Every pump system and comfort component uses medical-grade technology to ensure precise control of your comfort settings.

Industry Leading
25-Year Warranty

We stand behind every Instant Comfort® bed with a 25-year limited warranty with 100% replacement in the first 3 years.

Hand Control

Our remotes and our app have state-of-the-art touch screen technology and use a medical grade pressure scale to ensure the most precise adjustments.

Quality Controlled
Manufacturing Process

Instant Comfort® is owned and operated by American National Manufacturing Inc. a medical device manufacturer that has been registered and in compliance with the FDA required GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) for the last 20 years.  Every Instant Comfort® bed is thoroughly inspected and tested to meet our rigorous quality standards.

Air Chambers

Our baffled 24-gauge vulcanized rubber air chambers create uniform support throughout your mattress for long-lasting use.


Instant Comfort® bed components are completely interchangeable and fully upgradeable. This number bed is truly the last bed you will ever need.

Easy Comfort Adjustments

Anytime with the Instant Comfort® App

The Instant Comfort® app makes it easy to control your number bed and the optional power base.  Available in both iOS and Android,  you can adjust the comfort on both sides of the bed at anytime with your smartphone. Just open the app and all the settings for your number bed are in the palm of your hand.

  • Two-zone individual comfort setting for each side of the bed in Queen, King or California King
  • Medical-grade accuracy for all comfort settings and precise adjustments
  • 45 unique settings for each side of the bed ranging from five to fifty
  • Adjustable comfort settings help obtain optimal blood flow and circulation
  • Bluetooth® connectivity that allows you easy access to your app to change comfort levels

Precision Designed

Because We All Do More than just Sleep in Bed

We believe our customers deserve the latest technology, high-quality components, and expert construction. The Instant Comfort® bed offers an experience consumers love and products that stand the test of time with more than 40 years of mattress manufacturing excellence.

Don’t go another night without the freedom to be who you are.